Quantification of maximum premolar and molar clenching force during the isometric contraction of the muscles


  • A Dheyriat
  • J Frutoso
  • M Lissac


maximum bite force, manducatory system, occlusal traducer, thickness of traducer, mandibular opening angle


The purpose of this study to quantify the activity of the masticatory muscles. For this we recorded the maximum bite force of opposing teeth during voluntary clenching. The study was carried out on 31 students aged 21 to 28 with a satisfactory dental arch. The measurements were obtained on one side only. Nine thicknesses of the traducers were used for the premolar zone and two for the molar zone. We determined an optimal thickness enabling the highest measurement: 6.5 mm for the premolars and 5.2 for the molars. The highest measurements were averaged and the following results were obtained: premolars-35 kgf for females and 50 kgf for males; molars-100 kgf for females and 130 kgf for males.





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