New Abstract / Affects, activisms and resistances facing the impacts of Capitaloceno: an embodied learning experience in Chile


The planetary transformations of Capitalocene affect us in multiple and heterogeneous forms. In this context, activisms emerging as embodied, experiential and situated manifestations of affectation. This article is an exploration of the activisms and resistances against impacts that Capitalocene -specifically, the extractivism- has had in Chilean society, from the perspective and experience of our own trajectories as global south academics and activists, committed to the entanglements that emerge constantly in the face of the impacts.

Our work refers to the affects and resistances that we as authors have had the chance to experience in spaces of training and companionship of activists who resist in territories affected by the mining, agro-export and energy industry; and those who studied the Diploma in Social Ecology and Political Ecology from the Group of Agroecology and the Environment at the University of Santiago, offered between 2013 and 2017. Based on these experiences, we argue that the "affective turn" offers an indispensable perspective about hegemony, resistances and political changes in the current crisis.