Matter: Journal of New Materialist Research

Online ISSN: 2604-7551

MATTER: Journal of New Materialist Research is an online publication platform published by the Cultural Pedagogies Unity (Department of Visual Arts and Design) of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Its main objective is to offer a forum for discussing new materialism and feminism in their specific connections with questions of politics, epistemology, methodology, ethics and pedagogies from a monist perspective of knowledge production.

Matter: Journal of New Materialist Research is an interdisciplinary forum for publishing original research that brings the multiple to the individual, social, and symbolic levels, and that resignifies the relation between matter and discourse. Thinking through and beyond the concept of difference as hierarchical and exclusionary, it transforms well-known concepts associated with the scientific canon, objectivity, classification, and codification into onto-epistemological conceptual tools. Strongly related to contemporary feminist theory, the journal seeks academic papers, interventional writings, and artistic pieces that materialize dialogues across disciplines in order to find processes that shift hierarchical oppressions based upon dualisms and move towards social, epistemological and ethical transformation.



New Abstract / Vulnerable academic performances. Dialogue on matters of voice and silence in academia

We share another abstract of one of the articles that will be in the first issue of the journal. This article will be in the Quantic Mapping section and the authors are Monika Rogowska-Stangret and Olga Cielemęcka. 
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