Deleuzoguattarian Thought, the New Materialisms, and (Be)wild(erring) Pedagogies: A Conversation between Chantelle Gray, Delphi Carstens, Evelien Geerts, and Aragorn Eloff


  • Chantelle Gray
  • Delphi Cartstens
  • Evelien Geerts
  • Aragorn Eloff



This intra-view explores a number of productive junctions between contemporary Deleuzoguattarian and new materialist praxes via a series of questions and provocations. Productive tensions are explored via questions of epistemological, ontological, ethical, and political intra-sections as well as notions of difference, transversal contamination, ecosophical practices, diffraction, and, lastly, schizoanalysis. Various irruptions around biophilosophy, transduction, becomology, cartography, power relations, hyperobjects as events, individuation, as well as dyschronia and disorientation, take the discussion further into the wild pedagogical spaces that both praxes have in common.


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