Ethical stressors and healthcare. Analysis of ethical stressors within the CèAVOC (Healthcare Ethics Committee from Vallès Oriental Central)

Carles Monsó i Fernández


Medical practices and patient’s care activities may be associated with conflicts of different nature, such as personal, professional, or ethical.

These conflicts, furthermore, may have even increased due to the arrival of austerity policies devised to deal with the effects of the global economic crisis. With the purpose of detecting, defining and proposing solutions to some of these conflicts, CèAVOC encouraged a debate, which afterwards resulted in exploring its staffs’ work environment, in examining their daily realities as well as the ethical principles that affected them. Multiple ethical stressor factors were identified, one of which reflected higher awareness of their personal and social vulnerability. It seems necessary that health professionals are deeper involved in the management of health by adopting a patient service approach.


ethical stressors; health professionals; burnout; economic crisis; austerity

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