Extension of the deadline CFP: ABRIU 11 (2022) Monograph "Ecocriticism: Words and Images"


The emergence of often hybrid artistic creations that link nature and gender has created a need for analysis that incorporates innovative perspectives from a methodological point of view. The exploration of the natural environment and the body through poetry and image -sculpture, performance, video creation or cinema-, carried out on the margins of the cultural industries or large distribution channels, is deserving of a study from the theoretical framework the two emerging disciplines of ecofeminism and ecocriticism.

The recognition of cultural and biological diversity, the appreciation of women as the motors of creation and history, the denunciation of the degradation of the environment and the relationship of this plunder with the exploitation suffered by women, or the attention to groups without power, are contributions that generate new forms of understanding the relationship of human beings, especially female subjects, with nature, which are reflected in the artistic creations analysed.

The articles that make up the monograph Ecocriticism: Words and Images will focus on discourses and practices that, for reasons such as the aforementioned emergent character, the liminal condition, or restricted dissemination, have received insufficient attention, despite representing innovative lines in contemporary creation. The manifestations studied could explore hybrids of different artistic languages: photography, sculpture, videopoetry, film image and others.

In order to study these ideas in depth, the monographic issue of number 11 of Abriu magazine invites the submission of articles that analyse artistic manifestations and their reception from ecocritical, ecofeminist, transnational and interdisciplinary perspectives in Galician and Lusophone cultures. The hybridization of languages and cultural contexts, inter-artistic dialogue and methodological innovation are objects of interest for this volume. 

The articles, which may be written in Galician, Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish or English, must comply with the journal's publishing rules. Deadline for sending proposals, only through the Abriu website: by 1st September 2021.

This monographic issue is coordinated by Ana Acuña Trabazo (Universidade de Vigo) and María Xesús Nogueira Pereira (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela), members of the research project El tropo animal: un análisis ecofeminista de la cultura contemporánea de Galicia e Irlanda (PGC2018-093545-B- I00 MCIU / AEI / FEDER / UE), directed by Manuela Palacios González (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela). The two coordinators collaborate on research related to memory, nature and gender in the field of Galician literature and jointly published the monographic work Corpos, territorios e resistencias. The work of women in Galician and Irish literature (Boletín galego de literatura 27, 2017).