With another view


  • María Celeste Garrido Meira Artista e Docente




Land Art, contemporary sculpture, female artist, organic art


Several interventions made at the beginning of my artistic career, consisted of drawing large-scale geometric shapes that evoked urban structures, integrated into the natural space using local materials (such as the construction of a ground like a chessboard made of grass and earth) and that made us reflect on the “power” of human action in nature. Now, a second series of interventions integrate materials from nature, such as sand, earth or grass, inside urban spaces, provoking a perception, a feeling and an impulse that invites us to connect with our own essence, as part of the natural. Thus arise a series of works that allude to the fragility of interpersonal relationships, making up for absences and voids with objects that evoke shelters, maternal wombs, swings... Through them, a personal project increasingly focused on couple relationships and the spaces of dependence and inequality that are sometimes generated around them. Including elements of domestic use (fabrics, honey, gelatine ...) or even from the human body (hair, blood, skin ...) as sculptural material, my current work explores the ephemeral and processual nature of the works in relation to life itself and death, inviting us to reflect on the process of deterioration and our current obsession with self-improvement, while seeking the active participation of the viewer.



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Garrido Meira, M. C. (2022). With another view. Abriu: Estudos De Textualidade Do Brasil, Galicia E Portugal, (11). https://doi.org/10.1344/abriu2022.11.13