No coração dos boatos, a novel in «canibalês brasílico»


  • Eloésio Paulo Universidade Federal de Alfenas



Uilcon Pereira, contemporary Brazilian novel, intertextuality, language and discourse


This article promotes the reading of the novel No coração dos boatos (1984), writtenby the Brazilian writer Uilcon Pereira, which remains almost totally ignored three decadesafter its publication, despite (or maybe exactly for) being the most radical experimentin Brazilian contemporary fiction. The intention is to stimulate discussion about this literarywork, whose composition consists in a rollercoaster of intertextual operation, from a visionthat transcends the interest of Brazilian literary critics in the last years of the military government,mostly concentrated on what Antonio Candido defined as «literatura do contra».

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Paulo, E. (2016). No coração dos boatos, a novel in «canibalês brasílico». Abriu: Estudos De Textualidade Do Brasil, Galicia E Portugal, (5), 127–136.