No. 5 (2016): The 'Livro do Desassossego' by Fernando Pessoa, challenging translators/editors

Abriu 5

Antonio Sáez Delgado (ed.)


Volume 5 of Abriu, the journal edited by Galician and Portuguese Studies at the University of Barcelona, opens with the monograph "The ‘Livro do Desassossego’ by Fernando Pessoa, A Challenge for Translators/Editors)", edited by Antonio Sáez Delgado. This monograph reflects on the importance of those people often considered mere mediators –editors and translators–, but who in this case become (re)creators of a text in continual mutation, thereby updating the state of the question. The “Miscellaneous” section includes articles on feminist criticism in children’s and young adult’s literature, on the musical group Ataque Escampe, on the writer Uilcon Pereira and the favela-bairro. The “Reviews” section includes notes on “Pessoa y España” by A. Sáez, monographs on Brazilian literature by Regina Dalcastagnè and Antonio Maura, and an edition of Cunqueiro.

Published: 2016-10-01