Literature and the Sarau: Political Implications


  • Rejane Pivetta de Oliveira UniRitter – Porto Alegre
  • Tiago Pellizzaro Centro Universitário Uniftec



periphery, literature and politics, common culture, sharing sensibilities


This paper discusses the phenomenon of the cultural gatherings that currently take place in the urban peripheries of Brazil’s larger cities, such as, for example, Sarau da Cooperifa, organized by Sérgio Vaz, and Sarau Suburbano, managed by Alessandro Buzo, both in São Paulo. We attempt to understand how they are organized and the cultural functions they perform in the context of a debate on literature as a cultural practice (Williams 1977; 2015) with aesthetic and political implications (Rancière 1996; 2009).



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Oliveira, R. P. de, & Pellizzaro, T. (2017). Literature and the Sarau: Political Implications. Abriu: Estudos De Textualidade Do Brasil, Galicia E Portugal, (6), 65–83.