No. 6 (2017): Contemporary Brazilian Literature and Current Challenges

Abriu 6

M. Carmen Villarino Pardo (ed.)


Volume 6 of Abriu, the journal edited by Galician and Portuguese Studies at the University of Barcelona, opens with the monograph "Contemporary Brazilian literature and current challenges", edited by Carmen Villarino, a contribution to the discussion on the profound changes that were produced in the cultural field in the beginning of 21st century. The articles analyze the roles of writers and critics, the fictional work of Marcelino Freire, André Sant’Anna’ and Marcelo Mirisola, the culture of the periphery fostered by saraus, and the internationalization of the culture through translations into English. The “Miscellaneous” section includes articles on: Silvio Santiago and censorship, Abel Neves, Elvira Riveiro, and the knowledge about cloves revealed in Garcia de Orta’s treatises. The “Reviews” section includes notes on the Estudos de literatura brasileira contemporánea’s  monograph on periferia culture, comparative gender studies, dubbing and the Spanish anthologies of Rui Knopfli’s poems and Galician poetry, respectively. 

Published: 2017-07-01