Antón and the Innocents, by Méndez Ferrín. An Internationalist Conception of Contemporary Galicia from Vigo and its Sea


  • Antón Blanco Casás Independent Researcher



Méndez Ferrín, Antón e os inocentes, Vigo, Atlantic ocean, interna- tionalism, universality, contemporary Galicia.


The following paper is a speci c reading of Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín’s Antón e os inocentes. It attempts to sketch an internationalist worldview of the Galician national space and territory through the city of Vigo and its sea. They both function as axes for historical and social issues that involve the Galician proletariat. In addition, it is also a journey through the importance of the sea, and concretely the Atlantic Ocean, in the history not only of Galician literature, but Galician culture. The recent 2019 re-edition of Méndez Ferrin’s book imposes a reading key based on the idea of contemporaneity.