Late Triassic-early Jurassic Neotethyan evolution at Northern Gondwana (Jordan ana Libya, Mediterranean region)



The Early Mesozoic record of northern Gondwana was strongly influenced by sea level fluctuations during the opening of the Neotethys Sea. Detailed facies analysis of the Late Triassic / Early Jurassic Abu Shaybah Fm (Libya, western Mediterranean), and the Triassic Mukheiris Fm (Jordan, eastern Mediterranean) documents the transgressions and regressions that took place during the Neotethys opening. Both formations present similar facies and depositional environments, and are made up mainly by continental siliciclastic sequences and minor carbonate deposits. The facies arrangement in both zones indicates deposition in a tide-dominated environment as a part of a transgressive sequence, succeeded by a high-energy sandy fluvial deposition. In both regions the braided fluvial systems drained basinwards and impinged into the Neotethys Sea located to the north. The fluvial deposition of both formations ended abruptly due to renewed Neotethyan marine floodings that resulted in the development of carbonate shelf environments.


Triassic; Early Jurassic; Transgression; Sedimentary cycles; Neotethys; Gondwana.

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