The Exploration and Practices of TusPark in Promoting Business Incubation and Industrial Development


  • Jiwu Wang Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Jian Gao Tsinghua University



TusPark, TusHoldings, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, strategic emerging industry, multi-dimensional triple helix


As a new platform for innovation, China's national university science parks gather a wealth of resources for innovation. They are not only the carriers of new knowledge, technologies and systems, but also that of new cultures. As one of the first batch of national university science parks in China, TusPark, which is backed by Tsinghua University with the active participation of varied entrepreneurial, R&D and financial institutions, has basically developed an ecological network for innovation that is distributed throughout the country. It has become an important platform for further transformation of the scientific and technological achievements of universities, as well as promoting the development of strategic emerging industries.

Focused on TusPark’s functions and roles in advancing startup incubation and industrial development, this paper conducts an in-depth analysis of TusPark’s developmental path, with research based on interviews conducted with people involved in TusPark’s construction and operations, as well as reviewing the developmental history and models of global university science parks with international perspectives and extracting TusPark’s unique developmental path and model. The aim of this paper is to analyse how TusPark, as the science park of China’s top university, blazed a trail for business incubation and industrial development. The paper presents some typical cases and explains TusPark’s major models for business incubation and industry cultivation. It also discusses the main factors of TusPark’s success and explores its approaches for encouraging future development under new domestic and international circumstances.



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Author Biography

Jian Gao, Tsinghua University

School of Economics and Management




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Wang, Jiwu, and Jian Gao. 2022. “The Exploration and Practices of TusPark in Promoting Business Incubation and Industrial Development”. Journal of Evolutionary Studies in Business 7 (2):298-320.