Organizational perspectives for Stock Exchanges in a fragile global world: Forecasts and Speculations


  • Maria Eugénia Mata Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade de Economia, Nova School of Business and Economics (Portugal)



stock exchanges, capital markets, business funding, organizational aspects


The new millennium crises have fueled the debate about free running markets management, in some parts of Europe. This is having considerable consequences for corporations that need to raise funds to invest in job-creating facilities or in improving productivity necessary to compete with new producers from Asia. Increasing volumes of trade historically required rules and government regulation. In this article organizational theoretical frameworks are used to understand dynamism and change in financial operations, and in this line rules are here approached as progressive legal adjustments to good practice. Historical evidence is the methodology used in this paper, to highlight significant changes in the conceptualization about the organizations that have to supply financial services, especially when external shocks affect SMEs and their needs.


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