Multinationals and Foreign Direct Investment: The Portuguese Experience (1900-2010)


  • Alvaro Ferreira da Silva Nova School of Business and Economics



Inward FDI, Outward FDI, Portugal, Entry Strategies by MNEs, Joint-ventures


A long-term perspective on the evolution of inward and outward foreign investment in Portugal over the twentieth century has been absent from the existing literature. In a few cases the analysis has a larger chronological depth, namely in the studies by Salgado de Matos (1973). However, even in this case the author zooms in a specific period of time: the 1960s and early 1970s. Other studies provide a long-term synthesis on foreign direct investment (see for all, Leite et al, 2001; Moreira and Dias, 2008), but they rely on a descriptive and very superficial approach. The chapters dedicated by the recent and in-depth História Económica de Portugal (Lains and Silva, 2005, vol. 3) to the internationalization of the Portuguese economy or to capital as a factor of production never address FDI, which constitutes one important weakness of this work.


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