How Technology Evolution and Disruption are Defining the World’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: The Case of Barcelona’s Startup Ecosystem


  • Pere Condom-Vilà University of Barcelona



Startups, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Innovation Ecosystems, Barcelona


This article provides a critical overview of the development process of entrepreneurial ecosystems and the role played by technology and startups within such process. The analysis focus on the characteristics and components of entrepreneurial ecosystems with special attention to startups, as they are the main actors of these ecosystems. The objectives are reached through a critical literature review. Results show the evolution of these ecosystems, and an in-deep analysis of the role played by startups, big companies and governments in such evolution. The knowledge paradox between universities and startups is also taken into account together with and the importance of cities in the development of successful entrepreneurial ecosystems. We apply the result of our critical review to the analysis of the case of the Barcelona Ecosystem. Last section is devoted to policy implications for the strengthening of entrepreneurial ecosystems with special reference to the universities and the need for a redesign of technology transfer strategies. Success factors analysis and specific policy recommendations can help to a better understanding and policy planning of entrepreneurial ecosystems.


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Author Biography

Pere Condom-Vilà, University of Barcelona

I am a part time professor at University of Barcelona. Since 2014 to 2019 I've been director of Entrepreneurship at the Catalan Government. Previously, for eight years I was director of the Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona. Before of that, I was director of the UPC Park at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) (206,2007) and technology transfer manager at the University of Girona for eleven years. For the last 25 years I’ve been working on technology transfer, technological entrepreneurship and management of large public research infrastructures. I have combined management activities with teaching and research. Regularly, I publish and teach sessions in several universities, lecturing on R&D management, innovation, technological entrepreneurship and promotion of regional economic development. My doctoral thesis was centred on technology transfer. I am an Industrial engineer, and with a master's degree in business management.    


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