Le rôle de la consommation du thé dans la fluorose dentaire en Jordanie

C Fraysse, M.W. Bilbeissi, D Mitre, B Kerebel


2.516 children of both sexes, six to fourteen years old, were examined in Jordan in the course of an epidemiological study. 81,11 % of girls and 76,43% of boys presented severe forms of dental fluorosis according to DEAN’s index.

Drinking water analysis revealed fluoride concentrations ranging from 0,27 to 1,4 mg F/l. These concentrations are neighbouring optimum tolerated fluoride supplementation in drinking water. However high annual temperature mean and ten hours daily sunshining must also be taken in consideration. For social and climatic reasons, jordanian children drink daily high quantities of tea. Analysis of tea prepared on jordanian way revealed a concentration of 1,2 mg F/l. This continuous intake of fluoride might explain the high severity of dental fluorosis in Jordan.

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