Teaching the welcoming of diversity and difference in a contemporary Australian university

Lekkie Hopkins, Lucy Hopkins


Reimagining an Australia where diversity and difference are welcomed rather than feared holds particular challenges for academics charged with the task of educating new undergraduate students who have been raised on a diet of conservative binary discourses and fear-inducing political slogans. This paper reports on the thinking we have done and on the practices we adopt to create a one-semester undergraduate unit on working respectfully and inclusively across diversity and difference. The unit is designed for delivery to students who will be working as professionals in contemporary Australia. Although our unit is currently being taught to students in the human services and community development areas, it can be tailored to suit students bound for any professional arena including teachers, health workers, engineers, social workers, psychologists, business executives, musicians and media commentators.


cross-cultural communication; ethics of encounter; respect and reciprocity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1344/co201824&25245-259


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