Between the Colonial and the Postcolonial:

Writing and the Creation of a Third-Space Identity


  • Mark G Sanchez Independent scholar



A novelist reflects on the peculiarities of growing up in Gibraltar: "Imagine coming from a territory where there are no writers. Imagine living in a place without its own novels and short stories. Yes, a few pamphlets on the local flora and fauna have been published and one or two books on military history have been written – but that’s about it: little of real literary value exists out there. This was the depressing situation that I faced growing up in Gibraltar, a British overseas territory that almost everybody in the world has heard about, but which few people really understand. But it gets even worse than that. Because even though no novels or short stories had ever been written by native Gibraltarians, the little that was being said about the place was exaggerated and misleading."

Author Biography

Mark G Sanchez, Independent scholar

M. G. Sanchez is a Gibraltarian writer based in the UK. He studied at the University of Leeds, where he obtained BA, MA and PhD degrees in English Literature. He is the author of thirteen Gibraltar-themed books, among them novels, journals, memoirs, historical studies and collections of short stories. Numerous scholarly articles have been published on his books, and he has lectured about his work at universities in Europe and the US.