Pandemic: One Small Step for Oblivion and a Big Leap into Managed Democracy


  • Alejandro Escobar-Vicent University of Barcelona



The pandemic that we are still surviving represents a step forward in the process of the ethical disintegration of the State. It is  a process that has been going on for a long time, but has, over the last few decades, been increasing, to the point of making even more evident that we live under a regime that we call here one of managed democracy. The legal-political decisions taken during this pandemic have catalysed this process. On the part of the frightened and perplexed citizens, the recurrent oblivion acts, throughout history, as a contributory factor in this process of severe democratic involution.

Author Biography

Alejandro Escobar-Vicent, University of Barcelona

Alejandro Escobar-Vicent is Doctor in Philosophy by the University of Barcelona, distinguished with a cum laude mention for his research on the current situation of democracy, based on his studies of the Hegelian Anerkennung and its reception in the 20th century by authors who thematized recognition as the basic criticism of the social and political phenomena of our time. His research project focuses on the contextualization of recognition with the ideological, philosophical and political conflicts of our present time. Through this, he introduces his personal contributions within the current debates on populism, authoritarianism and the democratic quality of our legal-political systems.