Weather as cinema

Exploring fungal and weatherly creativity in film


  • Chris Dymond Queen Mary University of London



This article analyzes weather as enabler of, and able to make, cinematic art. I begin by exploring philosophies of weather and air, and then look at early films where meteoro-logical phenomena receive acute attention alongside related media analyses. Afterwards I analyze two artworks, by Madge Evers and Anna Scime. Each was made by mush-rooms sporifying on receptive media, respectively paper and analog film. This article includes original interviews with both artists.
I identify fresh ways of understanding cinema but also weatherly and fungal creativity. Analyzing such artworks, I also think about how artists can develop art practices able to galvanize instead of eviscerate futurity. Consequently, I not only investigate more-than-human creativity, but explore how cinema can facilitate instead of block ecological heal-ing.

Author Biography

Chris Dymond, Queen Mary University of London

Chris Dymond is a PhD student in film studies at Queen Mary University of London. His research is on plants, bacteria, and fungi in cinema.