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No. 11 (2022): Ecocritics: Words and Images
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Volume 11 of Abriu, journal of Galician and Portuguese Studies of the University of Barcelona opens with a monograph dedicated to "Ecocritiques: Words and Images" which presents seven articles analysing discourses and practices that explore artistic creations, often hybrid, where nature and gender intersect. This monograph is complemented by articles in the "Open Space"; section on two artistic research experiences and on the poetry of Luísa Villalta. The "Miscellaneous" section includes three works on medieval profane lyric poetry and a study on the relationship between literature and tourism in Portugal. The reviews are devoted to works on historiography, Iberian feminisms, translations of Haroldo
de Campos and the centenaries of Jorge de Sena and Sophia de Mello Breyner.

Published: 2022-10-16
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The journal ABRIU allows admissions — original texts only — for the following sections: dossier, miscellany, open spaces and reviews. All texts for Monograph and Miscellany are submitted to at least two external double-blind peer reviews. The languages of the journal are: Galician, Portuguese, English, Catalan and Spanish.