Relational experiences in Arts education


  • Natalia Poncela López Autora



art, education, ArtEducation, art educator, mediation, collaborative art, activism, gender, knowledge processes, creativity


From the current context, the present text investigates some of the possible modes of mediation between the concepts of Art and Education. On the one hand, we analyze the ways in which the so-called «educational turn» has crystallized in the last decade (Rogoff, 2008) and its impact on museum institutions. On the other hand, we place the focus on the use of the terms Art Education and Art educator bringing together some significant experiences, from the artistic field and in the framework of institutional criticism, understanding mediation as an exercise in experiential exchange. As well as projects developed from the regulated education are also stated, choosing educational proposals related to the training of trainers.

This analysis considered those initiatives developed in the European and international context of the last fifteen years, a context defined by the transformations of the relations of knowledge and power in the traditional spaces of art. Namely in those artistic practices that incorporated educational practices, critical and postcolonial pedagogies such as the Do-cumenta 12 (2007) or 6ª Biennial of Mercosur (2010).




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