Álvaro Cunqueiro Gourmet or the Fight against Alchemical Barbarism


  • María Liñeira The John Rutherford Centre for Galician Studies, The Queen’s College, University of Oxford




Álvaro Cunqueiro, identity, gastronomic literature, food industry, Catalonia


This article examines the relationship between food and identity, taking as a case-study the gastronomic literature of the galeguista writer Álvaro Cunqueiro, mediator of Galician culture in the Spanish cultural field. This paper presents a reflection on the cross-pollination of ideas between Cunqueiro and a number of Catalan gourmets which focuses on the threat posed by the industrial revolution to the existence of a national cuisine.


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Liñeira, M. (2012). Álvaro Cunqueiro Gourmet or the Fight against Alchemical Barbarism. Abriu: Estudos De Textualidade Do Brasil, Galicia E Portugal, (1), 51–62. https://doi.org/10.1344/abriu2012.1.104