Vestiges and Functions of the Great Goddess Within the Galician Imaginary Through the Narrative of Méndez Ferrín


  • María Carreira López Independent researcher



Great Goddess, sovereignty, Celticism, Guinevere, imaginary


This study focuses on the analysis of Guinevere reflected in the works of Méndez Ferrín and, by extension, the analysis of other female (and some male) characters, establishing the connection between these mythical characters and the archetype of the Great Goddess. These characters potentially integrate different aspects of the ancestral symbol that need to be elucidated, highlighting in each of them a particular condition or characteristic. The methodology of the analysis is circumscribed within the broad field of imaginary studies. This work seeks to reflect on the ancient archetype of the Great Goddess and its close relationship to aspects of sovereignty, and how it applies to the Galician imaginary.