No. 8 (2019): Rounds Around Magellan

Abriu 8

Ximena Urbina and Luís Filipe F.R. Thomaz (ed.)


Volume 8 of Abriu, the journal of Galician and Portuguese Studies at the University of Barcelona and the José Saramago Chair at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, opens with a monograph dedicated to “Rounds Around Magellan”. This monograph includes new approaches to Magellan navigation signed by specialists from Portugal, Chile, and United States who analyze documents, lexical issues, the travel, and the transmission of Pigafetta account from a new point of view. The “Miscellany” section includes works on Renaissance science in Portugal, masculinities in Machado de Assis’ novels, the topic of fascisms in Saramago and Javier Marías, the utopia according to Zweig in his Brazilian stay, and an approach to the archetype of the Great Goddess in Méndez Ferrín’s fiction. ABRIU launch a new section, “Open Space”, with the aim of publishing unique documents. In this number M.X. Lama rescues two lost articles attributed to Rosalía de Castro. The “Reviews” section includes notes on recent books on feminisms in Galician children’s and YA fiction, Iberian Studies, afrodescendant writer Carolina Maria de Jesus, and the Catalan translation of Fernão Mendes Pinto’s Pilgrimage.

It is published simultaneously in print and electronically, as an e-book (see Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona). Further information:

Published: 2019-07-30