Mulherio das Letras: Writing, Resisting, Existing




Mulherio das Letras. female writers, silencing, resistance, right of expression,


Published to mark the rst edition of Mulherio das Letras, a movement of women who are committed to the valuing and visibility of women’s literature, the collection that is named after the movement and was craftily edited comprises around one hundred short narratives which reveal multiple female perspectives. Women who write and (re)write themselves, evidencing political stances, defending viewpoints, emphasizing the sorrows that permeate their (non)existence. It is a striking manifestation against silencing and interdictions by the publishing market and the literary eld towards female literature: they write in order to both resist and exist. Exploring the dominant features of such "literatures" is the main goal of this paper.



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Zolin, L. O. (2020). Mulherio das Letras: Writing, Resisting, Existing. Abriu: Estudos De Textualidade Do Brasil, Galicia E Portugal, (9), 57–72.