Appraisal of intra reservoir barriers in the Permo-Triassic successions of the Central Persian Gulf, Offshore Iran



Owing to their tightness, intra reservoir barriers have the potential to prevent homogenization of reservoir fluids and so cause compartmentalization. Identification of these barriers is an important step during reservoir evaluation. In order to achieve this, three main approaches: i) detailed petrographic and core analysis, ii) petrophysical studies (flow unit concept) and iii) geochemical analysis (strontium residual salt analysis) were applied systematically in the Permo-Triassic carbonate reservoirs (Dalan and Kangan formations) of a supergiant gas reservoir located in the Central Persian Gulf. Integration of these approaches has led to a full clarification of the intra reservoir barriers. Petrographic examinations revealed the potential stratigraphic barriers to fluids flow created by various depositional/diagenetic characteristics. Petrophysical data such as poroperm values, pore throat size distribution and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis were used to differentiate the reservoir flow units from non-reservoir rock. According to different trends in 87Sr/86Sr ratios of residual salts, the existence of flow barriers was evaluated and proved. Finally, by integrating these approaches, three intra reservoir barriers were introduced in the studied reservoir interval. These intra reservoir barriers are depositional and diagenetic in nature and are located in stratal positions with sequence stratigraphic significance. The possibility of reservoir compartmentalization was evaluated in the studied wells, and then their existence was predicted at the adjacent fields. As shown in this study, integration of petrographic examinations with flow unit determination in a sequence stratigraphic framework has the potential for recognizing intra reservoir barriers and predicting compartmentalization of the studied Permo-Triassic reservoirs.


Intra reservoir barriers; Reservoir compartmentalization; Flow unit; Permo-Triassic; Dalan Formation; Kangan Formation; Iran

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