Selandian-Thanetian larger foraminifera from the lower Jafnayn Formation in the Sayq area (eastern Oman Mountains)


  • J. SERRA KIEL Universitat de Barcelona, Facultat de Geologia. Department of Earth and Ocean Dynamics Martí Franquès s/n, 08028 Barcelona, Spain.
  • V. VICEDO Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona (Paleontologia) Parc de la Ciutadella s/n, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • Ph. RAZIN ENSEGID, Bordeaux INP, G&E, EA, 4592, University of Bordeaux III, France 1 allée F. Daguin, 33607 PESSAC cedex, France
  • C. GRÉLAUD ENSEGID, Bordeaux INP, G&E, EA, 4592, University of Bordeaux III, France 1 allée F. Daguin, 33607 PESSAC cedex, France



Biostratigraphy, Larger Foraminifera, Lacazinella rogeri n. sp., Ercumentina n. gen., Selandian-Thanetian, Sayq, Oman


The larger foraminifera of the lower part of the Jafnayn Formation outcropping in the Wadi Sayq, in the Paleocene series of the eastern Oman Mountains, have been studied and described in detail. The analysis have allowed us to develop a detailed systematic description of each taxa, constraining their biostratigraphic distribution and defining the associated foraminifera assemblages. The taxonomic study has permitted us to identify each morphotype precisely and describe three new taxa, namely, Ercumentina sayqensis n. gen. n. sp. Lacazinella rogeri n. sp. and Globoreticulinidae new family. The first assemblage is characterized by the presence of Coskinon sp., Dictyoconus cf. turriculus Hottinger and Drobne, Anatoliella ozalpiensis Sirel, Ercumentina sayqensis n. gen. n. sp. Serra-Kiel and Vicedo , Lacazinella rogeri n. sp. Serra-Kiel and Vicedo, Mandanella cf. flabelliformis Rahaghi, Azzarolina daviesi (Henson), Lockhartia retiata Sander, Dictyokathina simplex Smout and Miscellanites globularis (Rahaghi). The second assemblage is constituted by the forms Pseudofallotella persica (Hottinger and Drobne), Dictyoconus cf. turriculus Hottinger and Drobne, Lacazinella rogeri n. sp. Serra-Kiel and Vicedo, Azzarolina daviesi (Henson), Keramosphera? cf. iranica Rahaghi, Lockhartia haimei (Davies), Lockhartia retiata Sander, Sakesaria trichilata Sander, Kathina delseota Smout, Elazigina harabekayisensis Sirel, Daviesina khatiyahi Smout, and Miscellanea juliettae Leppig. The first assemblage can be considered to belong to the Shallow Bentic Zone SBZ2 (early Selandian age), and the second assemblage to the SBZ3 (late Selandian-early Thanetian age).This paper shows, for the first time in the Middle East area, a correlation between the Selandian larger foraminifera and planktonic foraminifera biozones.


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