About the Journal

Revista de Historia Industrial – Industrial History Review (RHI-IHR) publishes research in economic history that investigates processes of industrialization, as well as the social, economic, institutional, environmental, and demographic transformations associated with them. This includes, among others, the evolution of incomes and living standards, education and human capital, political economy, inequality, trade, and money and banking. The journal welcomes full-length articles on all world regions, contributing to existing debates and drawing attention to new lines of research. The RHI-IHR promotes methodological diversity by encouraging submissions ranging from historical macroeconomic studies to business history, using qualitative as well as statistical and cliometric analyses.  The Revista de Historia Industrial – Industrial History Review publishes manuscripts in English and Spanish in three regular issues per year as well as special issues. The RHI-IHR also contributes to the field of economic history by providing a book-review section. The RHI-IHR is indexed in JCR-SSCI and SJR-Scopus, among others.

Publication dates of the regular issues: 1st half of March, 1st half of July, 1st half of November