Call for Papers - Fast Track Review: Advancing the understanding of industrialization processes


Revista de Historia Industrial – Industrial History Review (RHI-IHR)

Advancing the understanding of industrialization processes


A new course for the Revista de Historia Industrial – Industrial History Review (RHI-IHR) is starting. The incoming Editorial Board aims to promote fresh research covering industrialization and its causes and consequences across various countries and periods. It also attempts to foster methodological diversity. With this in mind, the Editors of the RHI-IHR invite submissions to the journal to be subject to a fast-track review process.

Contributions linked to the general topic of "industrialization and economic development" will be considered – such as research on the evolution of incomes and living standards, education and human capital, political economy, inequality, trade, and money and banking, to name a few (please see Whereas the call is open to all scholars, manuscripts in English by junior scholars (5 years since completion of their Ph.D.) will receive particular consideration.

Authors should mention their interest in the fast-track review process in the cover letter when submitting their manuscripts through the journal's online platform (, no later than January 10th, 2022.

Up to a maximum of eight (8) manuscripts will be selected and considered for publication in the 2022 issues of the RHI-IHR. The editorial board will communicate to the authors whether received papers will be sent out to referees by January 17th, 2022. Selection will not imply publication, as this will depend on the fast-track referee process. The authors of the selected manuscripts will receive the referee reports, together with editorial comments, before February 28th, 2022.

Upon the author's agreement, non-selected manuscripts for a fast-track review will be considered as a regular submission.

The RHI-IHR is an academic journal indexed in JCR-SSCI and SJR-Scopus, among others.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following contact address:

Call for Papers in pdf here.

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