The Planas, builders of turbines and electric material (1858-1949)


  • Jordi Nadal



The Planas, former manufacturers of cotton thread, began to produce the French turbine Fontaine Girona in 1858. Since I887 they also produced electric material with licence of the firm Ganz, from Budapest. The Planas undertaking prospered unti1 1910, and contributed remarkably to the development of the Catalan cotton industry and the Spanish paper and electric industries. After this period, the decline of hydromechanical power favoured hydroelectricity. The change of the scale of turbines, generators and other machines, were problerns that thefirm, moved to Barcelone, was unable to face. The big Spanish power stations were equipped with foreign material, and Planas was absorbed by the French firm Neyrpic in 1949.