Engineers-entrepreneurs in the development of spanish electric industry : Mengemor, 1904-1 951


  • Antonio-Miguel Bernal



It would be during the last few years of the XIX century -as a result of the birth of the "new industries" such as Chemist, Electricity and fuel ones- that the engineers began to stand out as enterprise promoters. Particularly, in the hydroelectric sector whose pioneering enterprises were the result of the initiatives of young civil engineers (Ingenieros de Carninos) who counted on the poor support of Family financia1 resources. Three promoters, all of them engineers, gave origin at the Electric Company Mengemor in 1904. Mengemor, which was more interested in the production of hydroelectricity than in the business of distribution, concentrated, above all, on the desing and building of hydraulic works, with own means, along the basin of the Guadalquivir River looking, as final goal, for the arrangement and explotation of electric energy resources for the South of Spain.