Enterprises and entrepeneurial groups in Northern Mexico (1870-1920)


  • Mario Cerutti



Recent regional studies in economic and business history have amply demonstrated the strong ties which developed after 1850 between Northern Mexico and the United States economy. The dynamism of this frontier economy -in which the surging state of Texas must surely be included- gave rise, after 1870, to entrepreneurial groups ready to take advantage of the demands generated by two distinct markets: a) that of the United States with its Industrial Revolution in full stride, and with the largest national market created by capitalism; and b) un interna1 market clearly taking shape in Mexico, though at a slower pace. This article describes and analyzes, within that context, the emergence, development and association of vigorous business groups in Chihuahua, the Laguna region and Monterrey (a city with the groups who are at present the most interested ones in the international expansion of Mexican economy).