The Spanish Plan for the Freezing Industry (1947-1951)


  • Antonio Gómez Mendoza



In the late 19401s, the failure of self-sufficient economic policies forced the government of General Franco to seek for foreign assistance. Peron's economic aid in grain and meat after1946 led to the project of developing a network of freezers around Spain. The Institute Nacional de Industria, a public holding for the promotion of domestic industry, was charged with the task of the design. The so called National Plan for the Freezing Industry turned out as an early attempt at economic planning. In that context, government agencies were requested not to interfere with private interests as a condition for the granting of US economic aid to Spain. To that end, the minister of Industry, Suanzes, displayed a number of liberal steps which departed from the current economy policy of the regime which was extremely harsh on the private sector. After Argentina had failed to keep her promises because of its own economic crisis and once a modest US loan was granted, INI lost interest for the development of a network of freezers. In the meantime, however, a couple of public firms had been set in direct competition with private concerns.