An industrial revolution in the Mediterranean area: Marseille (1831-1865)


  • Olivier Raveux UMR Telemme, Aix-en-provence
  • Xavier Daumalin



The phenomenon of industrialization in the Marseille area during the first half of the 19th century has long been underrated in extent as well as in precocity. For about tell years now, publications by numerous economic historians have been filling this gap in French historiography. Being atypical and diversified, the industry of Marseille has taken advantage of the opportunities arising from its double insertion in the European and Mediterranean economic spaces by giving a remarkable example of industrial revolution in the 1830-1865 period. The case of Marseille allows us to underline the importance of demand as a preliminary factor in modernization of traditional economies anc1 brings forth the necessary implementation of combinations between intrinsic dynamisms and openness to the outside in order to accomplish a deep industrial transformation.


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Raveux, Olivier, and Xavier Daumalin. 2017. “An Industrial Revolution in the Mediterranean Area: Marseille (1831-1865)”. Revista De Historia Industrial — Industrial History Review, no. 13 (April):37-57.