Regional manufacturing industries in the «desarrollismo» period. A new analysis of localization and convergence


  • Rafael Fernández Sánchez
  • Enrique Llopis Agelán



We have summarized the results of a first descriptive analysis of the regional series of employment and manufacturing gross added values of the «desarrollismo» period which have been gathered from official statistics. More precisely, the spatial distribution of the manufacturing growth, its concrete nature in the different territories, and the path of the dispersion followed by the regional manufacturing gross added values per habitant and the work productivities in the different regions have been studied. The main conclusions are: 1) the manufacturing Spanish map did not suffer crucial changes from 1964 to 1974; 2) there was not manufacturing regional convergence in terms of gross values per habitant, or in terms of gross values per employee; 3) the relative values of the work productivities do not explain neither our country's manufacturing map nor the different behavior of the manufacturing growth in each territory.