Privatization and its objective in Spain: from instrument to policy


  • Germà Bel Universitat de Barcelona
  • Anton Costas Comesaña Universitat de Barcelona



Privatization, Public enterprises, Public finance, Government policy


In this work we analyze the objectives of privatization under different Spanish governments. We follow the method used by Vickers and Yarrow (1991) in their analysis of the British privatization process. Through the study of changes in the rhythm and the graduation of objectives in the Spanish privatization process we identify three phases. The other contribution in this work is the identification of the objectives and motives explicity stated by the political authorities implied in the privatization. We use the parliamentary documentation in the Spanish Congress, which has been of very little use in the studies on public policies in Spain so far: The stated objectives are compared to the actual characteristics of the privatization operations, the way they have been done and their links with other parts in the economic reform process. By doing this we can evaluate the consistency between the explicity stated objectives and the policy really implemented.


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Bel, Germà, and Anton Costas Comesaña. 2017. “Privatization and Its Objective in Spain: From Instrument to Policy”. Revista De Historia Industrial — Industrial History Review, no. 19-20 (July):105-32.