The evolution of the Spanish automobile industry, 1946-1999: a comparative perspective


  • José Luis García Ruiz Universidad Complutense de Madrid



Automobile Industry, Economic Development, Multinational Corporations, Foreign Direct Investment


In 1960, the Spanish number of motor vehicles in use was typical of a less developed country: 100 inhabitants per passenger car: At that time, nothing indicated that the automobile would be one of the key factors in the Spanish economic development and modernization, reflecting the structural changes that accompanied them. In this article we study this evolution in the context of the world motor industry, since it is impossible to understand what happened in Spain without keeping in mind the technological change, the industrial policy of the leading countries and the strategy of the multinationals.


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García Ruiz, José Luis. 2017. “The Evolution of the Spanish Automobile Industry, 1946-1999: A Comparative Perspective”. Revista De Historia Industrial — Industrial History Review, no. 19-20 (July):133-63.