Intersectoral productivity transfers in the Spanish economy, 1958-1975


  • María Teresa Sanchís Llopis Universidad de Valencia



Total Factor Productivity, Relative Prices, Input-output Analysis, Productivity Transfers


In this article I make a sectoral approach to Total Factor Productivity growth in the Spanish economy during the period 1958-1975. Its main purpose is to capture its advance since the last year of the autarchic period and throughout the years of fast economic growth. A multisectoral analysis is applied in order to emphasize technological transferences among sectors, one of the most outstanding aspects of modern economic growth. Total Factor Productivity growth has been measured through changes in relative prices of output and production factors because of the lack of series of labour and capital before 1964. The input-output methodology allows working in this way. K


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Sanchís Llopis, María Teresa. 2017. “Intersectoral Productivity Transfers in the Spanish Economy, 1958-1975”. Revista De Historia Industrial — Industrial History Review, no. 19-20 (July):275-302.