Imports of clocks and cars in Latin America durant the year 1925


  • César Yáñez Universitat de Barcelona
  • Marc Badia Miró Universitat de Barcelona



Bienes duraderos, Nivel de consumo, Niveles de renta, Distribución


In this work in progress we show the early stage of a broadly research project on the imports of clocks and cars that has been carried for twenty countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, during the year 1925. Two objectives are in the centre of our interest. First, to test the quality of the available sources for the study of the import of consumer durable goods in Latin America, that is to say the statistics of foreign trade of the Latin-American importers and G5 exporters, the main suppliers (United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France and Belgium); this is a pioneering investigation that does not have the quality detailed analysis that the region requires. On the other hand, we have some interest to test some of the hypothesis of a future projection of the investigation on the imports of consumer durables goods in Latin America.