Electronics industry and technological growth in Argentina. Expansion and crisis of Winco, S.A., 1945-1980


  • Graciela Pampín Universidad de Buenos Aires




Electronics Industry, Technology, Business History, Argentina


Winco was founded on 1954. Its main activity was the manufacture record player and machines tools. In the Sixties the company made a fort expansion process: it modernized his equipment, it diversified and it integrated his production, and it initiated exports towards bordering countries. In the seventies company one was strongly consolidated in the internal market and advanced towards a new expansion installing a new plant in the province of Tucumán. But quickly the company would enter one serious financial crisis product of the enterprise policies that aimed at an ample diversification and investments in moved away headings of their main activity. On the other hand, the changing economic conjuncture good could have inhibited the positive aspects of these strategies. These numerous factors were aggravated by the gradual loss of competitiveness of their products in the external markets, derived from the productive and technological changes that took place in the sector in the end Sixties. The serious crisis of Winco and the unfavorable macroeconomic context stimulated to that the directory solved the cease of activities in January of 1980, their plants and capital assets were sold during the first lustrum of that decade and its final liquidation took place in the Nineties, in a process not absolutely linear but without conflicts.