The transition of the coal gas industry to natural gas: two models, Spain and Catalonia


  • Mercedes Fernández-Paradas Universidad de Málaga
  • Carles Sudrià Universitat de Barcelona


Gas industry, Transition, Catalonia, Spain


Had been configured, Catalonia’s and the rest of the country. A process of differentiation which was further accentuated in the years 1950-1970, when the coal gas crisis raised the need for the reconversion of the gas industry. In the decades of 1950-1960 in Catalonia and Spain a rapid transition took place, based mainly on the use of naphtha. Catalonia was a pioneer in the reception and implementation of natural gas, which landed in Barcelona in 1969. In the rest of the country, we would have to wait until 1980 for other communities to begin to handle it, a process that was ended by 1998. In this article we analyze these transformations and we intend to uncover the reasons why Catalonia was a pioneer in the replacement of coal gas for that made of naphtha and in the implantation of natural gas.