Hydroelectric development and decadence in the small rivers of the Catalan Mediterranean coast. The case of the Fluviá and Muga watersheds (Girona)


  • David Pavón Gamero Universitat de Girona




Fluviá and Muga Rivers, Hydroelectric Power Uses, Fluvial Basin


The initial spread of electricity in wide areas of the Spanish territory was made possible, in part, thanks to the creation of a string of small electrical companies and the establishment of countless hydroelectric power stations along modest rivers. This is a fact that has at times gone unnoticed in the face of the enormous infrastructures created by the principal hydroelectric firms. Departing from this verification, the article takes as an example the experiences along two small Mediterranean fluvial basins of northeastern Catalonia, the Muga and Fluviá rivers. This research tackles the vicissitudes of hydroelectric development and decadence during the 20" century, who its promoters were and what their achievements were. Additionally, a comparative view will be provided of both basins and of the fact that, while in one a large infrastructure was placed while in the other has remained at the margin of such developments. This fact will influence the counterpoised evolution of the installations and will favor either their closing or maintenance.