Innovation and District around a "Miracle': Configuration of the local productive system in intensive agriculture in Almeria


  • José Ángel Aznar-Sánchez Universidad de Almería
  • Andrés Sánchez Picón Universidad de Almería



Productive Agglomeration, Mediterranean Intensive Agriculture, Industrial District, Agriculture Industrial Cluster


During the last decades of the 20th century, the Spanish intensive fruit and vegetable production sector has brought about relevant territorial concentrations in specific arcas along the Mediterranean coast. The locations for these agriculturally generated productive systems are the consequence of environmental, historic, economic, and institutional conditions. The case of intensive agriculture in southeast Andalusia helps to understand the correspondent character, the two-directional effects, of the relationship between the agricultural sector and the industrial sector which provides it inputs and services. Furthermore, agriculture in Almeria proves the fact that agglomeration economies and Porter like cluster dynamics can be well established and sustained based on non-industrial sectors or activi¬ties. This article analyzes components of the agricultural-industrial cluster, as well as its evolutionary behavior. Finally, it can be concluded whether this productive agglomeration meets the requirements of an industrial district.