The importance of social networks on the origins of argentinian pharmaceutical industry. The case of Catalans


  • Mónica Campins Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • Ana Pfeiffer Universidad de Buenos Aires



Pharmaceutical Industry, Catalan Migration, Late Industrialization, Social Networks


This article aims to give a broader interpretation of the development of science-based industries in latecomer countries like Argentina. The approach used in the research work is supported by contributions from Nuria Puig on the role of social networks in the pharmaceutical
industry development in late industrializing countries and reinforces the idea of Franco Ramella about the importance of a strong use of network concept. Historical research shows that social networks of the Catalan community played an important role as conduits of information and capacities that allowed the creation of several laboratories in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the industrialization process. The article sheds light on the linkages and networks that knit the community in the pharmaceutical industry through the story of seven companies located in Buenos Aires. KEYWORDS: Pharmaceutical Industry, Catalan Migration, Late Industrialization, Social Networks.