The trans-Pyrenean railways in the mid-nineteenth century (1844-1885). Between wish and reality


  • Carlos Larrinaga Universidad de Granada


Railways, Trans-pyreneans, Spain, 19th Century


Considering the importance of transport between Spain and France, in this article we analyze several projects of railway connection in the middle of the 19th century. Specifialy the Pyrenean railways, the subject of several studies, much politicial debate and comment in the journals but with few results. In the Pyrenees regions there was the demand to build more railroads, as they only had Irún and Portbou, so there were many kilometers without trains joing both countries. However, such aspirations suffered the opposition of a large part of the Spanish army and the lack of real interest by the central government, the railway companies and the French government. In addition, it should be added, the high costs and possible losses of a new railway line. This explains the delay in an international conference between both countries to treat this important problem.