The myth of the California of copper: the impact of the mining boom on the Huelva business fabric


  • Juan Diego Pérez Cebada Universidad de Huelva
  • Cinta Concepción García Vázquez Universidad de Sevilla



mining, copper, Spain, Huelva, business structure


In the mid 19th century, a select group of entrepreneurs attracted by the “mining boom”, with ties to European and Spanish trade networks, settled in the city of Huelva. This paper addresses the evolution in the long run of this business network, which was responsible for the take-off of industrialization in the province, and the complex relations between entrepreneur, firm and the environment from an integrated point of view.  First, 10 family firms spanning over two periods, separated by World War I, are analysed. After that, the institutional network which supported these entrepreneurs is studied. In the last section, in view of the relevance of the mining sector in the local economy, and within a provincial scale, some reflections are presented on the dynamic relations between availability of natural resources, institutional framework and the business network.


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Pérez Cebada, Juan Diego, and Cinta Concepción García Vázquez. 2019. “The Myth of the California of Copper: The Impact of the Mining Boom on the Huelva Business Fabric”. Revista De Historia Industrial — Industrial History Review 28 (76):11-47.