Internationalization in the Spanish automotive equipment and components industry: Lingotes Especiales, 1968-2018


  • Pablo Alonso-Villa Universidad de Valladolid
  • Pedro Pablo Ortúñez-Goicolea Universidad de Valladolid



automotive, internationalization, competitiveness, Castilla y León


Lingotes Especiales was created in 1968 in Valladolid, in the middle of a boom in the automobile sector and the appliances industry, which became its main customers. Although it was born to serve the national market, like most industrial companies of that time, it is currently partially focused abroad, as it exports more than 75% of its products and has a production plant in India. Its process of internationalization followed three well-differentiated phases that would be framed within the evolutionary model of the Upsala School. Its international competitiveness has been based on a series of internal productive, commercial, organizational, and managerial advantages.


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Author Biographies

Pablo Alonso-Villa, Universidad de Valladolid

Departamento de Historia e Instituciones Económicas.

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Pedro Pablo Ortúñez-Goicolea, Universidad de Valladolid

Departamento de Historia e Instituciones Económicas.

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Alonso-Villa, Pablo, and Pedro Pablo Ortúñez-Goicolea. 2020. “Internationalization in the Spanish Automotive Equipment and Components Industry: Lingotes Especiales, 1968-2018”. Revista De Historia Industrial — Industrial History Review 29 (78):115-54.